Mira, Oye, Siente...

My name is Diana Delgado Pineda. Sometimes known as "Di". I don't know my real FIRST name but it's there, hidden below the roman goddess, small freckles and pale skin. Mestiza to core. Descendant of Talistaca .. was it Tarasco? Ya ni se sabe.. moon daughter of Nezahualcoyotl, the name was lost among marriages, abandonment, assimilation, forgetfulness and fear.

My light skin arrived from the forests of Catalunya and the rolling hills of Madrid. De gente que gracias a mi caracter, I know were triste souled people. The rest existed in valleys with smoke and dry air. Though disputed in Xicano Aztlan, both assuredness and curse was passed through the intruders. 

My tongue stutters and twists in every which way because there is no definite language of mine. I am always in the middle. The middle of this country, the middle of two backgrounds, and the middle of two ancestors. I am here. I am listening. I am observing. An arrived spirit but I still journey and pick up pieces on the way, gathering histories. You'll see.