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Sunset on Barcelona

Sunset on Barcelona

Earlier this year I spent countless hours wallowing in self pity. Tormenting myself over the millions of things that are wrong with me, blaming myself for being “useless”. After months of this combined with the search for jobs in Chicago and New York City all of it resulting to no leads, my mind wandered again to the city I have grown to love so much over the past years.

Since I first came in 2015, Barcelona has always had a special place in my heart. I have long admired the lifestyle here, the many things Catalunya has to offer, the ideal location and I have always wanted to live in a Spanish speaking country. Not to mention that I do sense an ancestral affinity to these Catalonian lands (coming back to this later).

I never get over how much there is left to discover and learn in any destination I go to, but if you have read previous posts or followed me for some time you will notice that something else keeps drawing me back.

I was interested in looking for opportunities in Barcelona for some time and I found one with a local English language magazine here in the city. I discovered them years ago while I was looking for things to do in the city and articles to educate myself more on Barcelona. I had been considering stepping into editorial for some time now, especially since I’ve contributed to online platforms and local publications. Barcelona Metropolitan magazine focuses on all things related to living in Barcelona as an English speaker or expat. I felt it fitting for me because of my English and Spanish abilities and my desire to express more of my love and interest for the Catalonian city and region.

I was so unsure about leaving because of the endless guilt trip I take whenever I have to make a big decision. Most of the guilt was caused by the thought of leaving my family again. Despite my guilt, I have a really great and understanding family that has made my dreams abroad a little easier to accomplish.

These days I contribute to the magazine with writing, inputting information to the website, photography, and more! I’ve always loved photojournalism and have been interested in working in an editorial environment, so it’s been great for me to really gain experience and understanding into what it takes to be a part of this field. I really doubted this decision in the beginning for many reasons but I’m so glad I did it anyway. I am being challenged and am growing so much in a variety of ways. I think the most important being how to improve my workflow, organization and writing skills.

Through getting to know more and more people at events I attend and through contacts I make with the magazine, I have learned a lot about what life is over here for expats and Americans specifically. Every encounter I have has taught me something more about myself then the other person oddly enough. It wasn’t always like that in the past. I guess that’s what ends up happening when you start living away from your hometown.

Tibidabo at night.

Tibidabo at night.

It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago I was a little exhausted and fed up at the library and now I’m here. Enjoying the life abroad, even with its challenges too. It feels like I’m growing at an accelerated rate. As with many travelers and expats, I’m coming to find that the more uncomfortable I am, the better I become. Being out of your normal circle, adapting, and feeling out of place in another country asks you to face challenges differently, well because you have no other choice! The way you operated in the past is probably not going to serve you for the next phase of your life. Although I have been faced with similar situations in the past as I have experienced here, there’s a maturity that’s seems like it’s been waiting for me to catch up. There’s something asking me to approach it all differently. Part of that feeling was being more honest with myself and others. This whole push to really evolve has motivated me to want to stay here and I hope to.

I’m not where I want to be yet, but the wheels are picking up some speed to get me there. I got Barcelona to thank for that.

Here’s a link to the November issue of Barcelona Metropolitan and some articles I wrote as well. Some of those photos and text by yours truly.