Diada de Catalunya 2019

As taken from GabsAway on Instagram..

Diada de Catalunya is celebrated annually on September 11th. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the subsequent loss of Catalan institutions and laws. It was suppressed by Francoist Spain in 1939 and was publicly celebrated again in 1976.

Here’s a few shots from the festivities at Arc de Triomf…

Jero + Ruben

Jero does makeup better than I do. That’s a fact. His face always shimmers with glitter and you can usually find him sporting something tight and black. These days you can’t miss him with his new platinum blonde hair.

Not only is he fierce when it comes to style, he is powerful, yet so seamless when his hands touch a guitar.

I met Jero through a mutual friend and I was lead to take some promotional pics of him and flamenco dancer Rubén for an upcoming project they are teaming up on.

Together they will take on La Federica de Poble-Sec to introduce a different perspective of flamenco performance, one that is queer inclusive and focuses on reaching new sensations, emotions and dynamics in movements.

Catch them at their first show “BDSM: Bonito Soniquete de Maricas” at Bar La Federica in Poble-Sec on September 27th from 21h - 23h.


These two are amazing and talented in their own right and are a joy to watch.

Their backgrounds and skill definitely make them deserving of hosting a space for their vision of queer flamenco.


Jero Férec has a masters in Flamenco guitar. Yes, you can do that and he earned his at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) in Barcelona. Before that he held a Leask Music Scholarship at St Catherine's College, Oxford. Born and raised in the UK, Barcelona based, Jero Férec is recognized as one of the most outstanding and controversial young voices in Flamenco today.

You can find him regularly at La Dorotea. You can also follow him on Instagram @jeroferec.


Rubén Hera’s background is from a working class family in a humble neighborhood of Andalusian, Extremaduran and Manchego mix origins. He bore a desire to dance from a very young age and started dancing before he could walk. He even started dancing sevillanas in elementary school at the age of 3! At around age 11 he started taking flamenco classes at a local flamenco school where he was able to channel pressures of his parents separation into dance. At 14 years old he started his career in Spanish dance at Teatre de Barcelona, EESA/CPD. His love and skill for Spanish dance has even won him first place in Danza Española at several competitions and at 19 years old he became part of the ballet in Palacio del Flamenco. Since 2018 he’s moved around performing in several places in Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona. He’s performed at different events with Compañía Evna de Barcelona and even sponsored some brands.

These days Rubén still works with El Palacio del Flamenco in Barcelona and performs at La Dorotea and el Patio Andaluz. You can also find him on instagram @rubenheras_.

It was lovely shooting these babes. There was practically no direction needed. They know their angles!

Stallion in Sitges - Editorial

I met photographer Maya Eva through a facebook group I believe. I hit it off with her right away and appreciated how kind and generous a person she was. Maya is a photographer from Mallorca and has quite the chops when it comes to shooting models. She focuses on lifestyle, events and brand photography. We had been hanging out and keeping in touch since we first met and discussed wanting to do an editorial photoshoot. I mentioned how much I would love the opportunity to try shooting with her so she can show me a little of the planning and execution that happens for editorial. While discussing our excitement for more editorial work she mentioned a potential model who practiced horseback riding. Before I knew it Maya had put together a whole day in Sitges at a private stable with model Helene Sand and our star Historico the stallion.

We got amazing Chilean make up artist Francisca Salazar in our collaboration. Her work looked amazing on our young model Helene Sand, who had never even modeled before in her life! Helene was a natural and we hardly directed her. It was a great experience helping Maya produce this editorial collaboration. Check out the images from the shoot and the spectacular work of all the artists involved.

Maya Eva - Producer & Main Photographer

Francisca Salazar - Makeup Artist