Stallion in Sitges - Editorial

I met photographer Maya Eva through a facebook group I believe. I hit it off with her right away and appreciated how kind and generous a person she was. Maya is a photographer from Mallorca and has quite the chops when it comes to shooting models. She focuses on lifestyle, events and brand photography. We had been hanging out and keeping in touch since we first met and discussed wanting to do an editorial photoshoot. I mentioned how much I would love the opportunity to try shooting with her so she can show me a little of the planning and execution that happens for editorial. While discussing our excitement for more editorial work she mentioned a potential model who practiced horseback riding. Before I knew it Maya had put together a whole day in Sitges at a private stable with model Helene Sand and our star Historico the stallion.

We got amazing Chilean make up artist Francisca Salazar in our collaboration. Her work looked amazing on our young model Helene Sand, who had never even modeled before in her life! Helene was a natural and we hardly directed her. It was a great experience helping Maya produce this editorial collaboration. Check out the images from the shoot and the spectacular work of all the artists involved.

Maya Eva - Producer & Main Photographer


Francisca Salazar - Makeup Artist