The search for the story and those disputable, introspective moments are what characterizes Diana's work. At the very least, she strives to make connection and believes the beauty in images can motivate it. Her love for photography was born out of painting and after painting from photographs for so long she dived into photography during her last years as an undergraduate, she often considers it one of the best decisions she's made. She has done everything from event and wedding photography to headshots, but is working to focus more on communicating discovery, connection, and building editiorial work.

Known for her love of visuals, social media, travel, and people, she is a photographer, filmmaker, social media coordinator, and storyteller. At times she has been a freelance writer as well. Her photography has appeared in The LA Times,, Chicago Tribune, Southside Weekly, and


BFA - University of Illinois at Chicago


Diana Delgado Pineda
+1 (312) 488-9775